Developer: "Muel Glacier" hard fork may start around December 31, 2019

PegaSys Protocol Engineering product manager Tim Beiko tweeted that the "Muir Glacier" hard fork is scheduled to take place on December 31, 2019, the eve of New Year 2020. However, considering the difficulty bomb, the block production time should be increased at least once more and postponed for three to four days. It is reported that this network upgrade aims to solve the problem of network difficulty bombs. Although Ethereum developers have not yet agreed on a long-term plan for using the difficulty bomb, in the short term they decided to postpone the mechanism for several years.
In addition, the developers also checked whether the Ethereum client has Ropsten and Mainnet versions of Muir Glacier. Some clients have released the same version, such as Geth v1.9.9, Nethermind v1.2.6, and Besu v1.3.6. However, well-known clients such as Parity and Aleth are expected to release their updated version next week.