Analysis: Ethereum reaches 2048 TPS after completing Istanbul upgrade

The Ethereum Foundation partner startup Iden3 states that ZK-Rollup makes verifying 2048 TPS in each Ethereum block a theoretical maximum. A throughput of 2048 TPS will require assembling 15 batches into one block, and the batch creation time is only one second (assuming block production time is 15 seconds). The iden3 team also talked about how each zkRollup batch requires a short password proof (zk-SNARK) to prove the integrity of the transactions in that batch. In addition, generating this proof is computationally expensive, which is also a major bottleneck in reaching theoretical throughput limits.
Earlier news, Iden3 said that the ZK-Rollup function will allow more transactions to be verified in each Ethereum block. The Visa network currently averages 2000 TPS, and Ethereum currently supports about 30 TPS, but with the implementation of ZK-Rollup, this number may surge by 6300%.