Data: UTXO indicator shows that investors still insist on holding currency despite facing losses

According to data from cryptocurrency analysis company Glassnode, Bitcoin's UTXO indicator shows that “investors are still holding on to the currency despite a loss,” and the number of transactions has decreased since Bitcoin reached a peak of $ 14,000 in June . Coupled with falling prices, the number of UTXOs at a loss has remained high for weeks. Although bitcoin is up nearly 100% this year, the fact that a large proportion of investors have not yet transferred their bitcoin indicates that market sentiment is generally positive.
Glassnode's data is corroborated by the BitInfo chart, which recently found that 11.58 million bitcoins—accounting for more than 50% of all circulating bitcoins and worth more than $ 70 billion at press time—have not moved for more than a year. This also means that less than 6.8 million Bitcoins have changed hands in the past 12 months.