Yangtze River Daily: Blockchain opportunities belong to prophets and foresighters, we must be good at understanding and seizing opportunities

The Yangtze River Daily article today "The Opportunity of Blockchain belongs to the Prophets and Foresighters", the article states that the visible "airport" of the blockchain brings new opportunities for urban development. But opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. To speed up the construction of new first-tier cities, Wuhan must have a prophecy for opportunities and be prepared in advance of opportunities. The prerequisite for seizing opportunities is to recognize them. On the new development track of blockchain, we are accelerating, and people are accelerating. Finally, it depends on who is faster and who can turn opportunities into urban development power. Turning opportunities into adventures requires cities to have a clear understanding and take the initiative. At present, new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and so on are overwhelming. In the face of these new technologies, we can neither look on the wall or blindly follow the trend, but we must be good at understanding and seizing opportunities.