China Intellectual Property News: New technologies such as blockchain can play an important role in addressing copyright protection challenges

China Intellectual Property News published a review article entitled "New Technology Adds Power to Copyright Protection" today. According to the article, the rapid development of new technologies such as 5G, blockchain, and artificial intelligence has enriched the way in which works are disseminated, new business models and new platforms have emerged at the historic moment. However, network copyright protection is also facing more severe challenges. Network infringement and piracy are characterized by fragmentation, phasedness, decentralization, scale, and internationalization. The Internet has become the main battlefield of copyright protection. In the face of changing piracy methods and escalating infringement methods, how to protect the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners has become a global problem. People in the industry believe that to meet the challenges of copyright protection brought about by digital development, in addition to relevant government departments should strengthen cross-regional cooperation, the use of new technologies such as blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence can also play an important role.