Blockstream will release c-lightning version supporting Lightning Network multipath payment this week

Blockstream recently revealed plans to enable multi-path payment interoperability on the Lightning Network, a development that means it will be possible to send large Bitcoin transactions on the Layer 2 network in the future. This development is very helpful for the Bitcoin network, which has been plagued by scalability issues for a long time. According to the latest report, the new c-lightning 0.8.0 release will include multi-path payment support, which is Blockstream's native Open Lightning Network protocol implementation. Blockstream core technical engineer Rusty Russel revealed on the latest podcast show that the next c-lightning version will be released this week, which will support multi-path payment.
Russel admits that enough tests have been done, but ordinary payment orders still don't understand multi-path payments. Therefore, building infrastructure is a top priority. In subsequent versions of c-lighting, users will see enhanced solutions using multi-path payment. In terms of payment success and users running their own nodes, Russel believes that the Lightning Network is more stable than a year ago.