Former Google executives pledge to put crypto and PayPal to work in Pakistan

Former Google executive Tania Aidrus is now in charge of Prime Minister Imran Khan's Digital Pakistan Initiative. On Monday, Aidrus claimed to do everything in its power to address the financial problems facing the country's growing freelancers as there is no PayPal. "We have no advocates in PayPal, and bringing it home is not easy." She added that to bring PayPal to Pakistan, the government must abide by its terms and improve relations with other countries. Unless PayPal is 100% sure it is safe here, it will not enter the country.

Regarding cryptocurrencies blocked in Pakistan, Aidrus said that cryptocurrencies were blocked not only in Pakistan, but also in several other countries. She emphasized the need to raise awareness of these digital tools among decision makers. "Once our department is established, we will communicate the technological progress of the rest of the world to policy makers," she said, but also noted that don't expect the cryptocurrency ban to be lifted soon. However, she claims that efforts will be made to rationalize policies regarding these digital tools.