Bitmain's 3.6 million yuan equity and other investment interests are frozen

Tianyan inspection data shows that on December 16, Fujian Zhanhua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. added a piece of legal assistance information, and Bitmain's operating entity, Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd., was frozen. For the equity and other investment interests, the executive court is the Changle People's Court, and the freeze period will be from December 16, 2019 to December 16, 2021. Fujian Zhanhua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned by Beijing Bit Continental Technology Co., Ltd.
Fujian Zhanhua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2017 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The legal representative is the company's co-founder Zhan Ketuan. The business scope includes the design, development, sales, and provision of related IC chips and semiconductor products. Technology development, technical consulting, technical services; sales and after-sales services of electronic products and basic software; maintenance of electronic products, etc.