Bycoin releases beta version of Tycoin, which officially launches MOV function

On December 17, Bycoin released an internal beta version of Tycoin. This version officially launched the MOV function, which supports high-speed and secure cross-chain exchange between assets such as BTM, BTC, ETH, and USDT.
The Biyuanchain team launched a next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol. Based on the BUTXO architecture, it innovatively proposed the idea of ​​"transaction is transfer, and matching is smart contract." MOV will provide SDKs for each module in the later stages, combining different transaction variables to achieve flexible and high-speed magnetic contract templates, so as to meet the diverse and high-end business needs of DeFi. At the same time, it will also open its own mature middleware services to continuously create and enrich the ecological scene of DeFi.
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