Grin becomes ASIC friendly project, more than 51% of block rewards belong to ASIC

John Tromp, the inventor of the Cuckoo algorithm, stated in the forum that more than half of the block rewards of the current anonymous coin project Gurion Grin already belong to the dedicated mining equipment (ASIC) using the Cuckatoo31 + algorithm, which means that Grin has changed It became an ASIC-friendly project. In addition, Grin also released the second beta version of the client version 3.0 to support the hard fork upgrade around January 15 next year. Earlier reports, Grin announced in its conference GrinCon1 that it will launch the latest generation of Cuckaroom, the proof-of-work algorithm family Cuckoo, to further promote the process of converting GPU mining to dedicated equipment ASIC mining equipment. John Tromp, the inventor of the Cuckoo algorithm, will push related The code is in the Github code base, and the algorithm is planned to be activated on the testnet Floodnet around December 19.