Guazi Used Car CEO: Blockchain is a very good application for the used car industry

Yang Haoyong, founder and CEO of Guazi Used Cars Direct Selling Network, said in a recent interview that blockchain is a very good application for the used car industry. The most important thing is its "immutability", just like giving a car An ID card, all the file information is in it, such as out of danger, which parts have been repaired, and each transfer transaction record will be recorded. All problems can be directly seen in the third-party file, and we can't modify it. If the condition of the car cannot be modified, it can solve the industry's biggest problem-quality. We are actively promoting this matter, and we are willing to use all our data to support this system, forcing a car to enter the system in a blockchain manner. It is believed that after this system comes out, the entire used car market will have huge development.