Li Dongrong, President of the China Mutual Fund Association: Strengthening basic research on financial applications such as blockchain and overcoming the real challenges facing fintech

On December 17, at the "2019 Third China Internet Finance Forum" hosted by the China Internet Finance Association and others, Li Dongrong, president of the China Internet Finance Association, pointed out that it is necessary to improve the ecology of the financial technology industry and focus on enhancing the competitiveness of the financial system. "As a product of the deep integration of finance and technology, fintech has become the commanding heights of global financial innovation and financial competition in the digital age. At present, China's fintech is at the forefront of the world in terms of market size and application innovation, but also faces basic research and The original innovation is relatively inadequate, the core technology, especially the underlying technology R & D is short, there is a shortage of leading experts and compound talents, and the full-chain professional supporting services need to be strengthened. In view of this, fiscal, financial, and social capital should be strengthened. Hierarchical resources investment, actively support universities, research institutes, financial institutions, etc. to jointly establish fintech laboratories, strengthen basic research on financial applications such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G, and step up efforts to build a secure and controllable fintech public service platform and open source Communities, establish and improve the financial science and technology personnel training and certification system with the organic synergy of production, education, and research, and strive to cultivate professional supporting service systems such as legal consulting, intellectual property, venture capital, and business incubation.