Director of Zhongguancun Management Committee: Since the release of the "Development Plan" document, it has attracted and cultivated a number of leading companies in the blockchain and other fields

On December 17, Zhai Lixin, Deputy Secretary and Director of the Party Group of the Zhongguancun Management Committee, attended the 2019 3rd China Internet Finance Forum and stated that since the Zhongguancun Management Committee, together with the Financial Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the "Beijing Promotion Development Plan" Since (2018-2022), according to the unified deployment of the city, Zhongguancun has focused on the construction of Beijing's financial technology and professional service innovation demonstration area, which is the core area, and supports Zhongguancun branch parks such as Haidian, Xicheng, Shijingshan, Fangshan, and Tongzhou to create their own unique The fintech innovation industry cluster has attracted and cultivated a group of fintech leaders in the subdivided fields including credit payment, smart finance, regulatory technology, insurance technology, and blockchain. Through policy guidance and government-enterprise linkage, Zhongguancun fintech has been promoted. The industry has entered a new stage of development.