Bibble (BEB) spends $ 1 million in annual branding budget on airdrops

BEB (BEB) company decided to use the annual budget of 1 million US dollars of brand promotion budget for airdrop activities, through user word of mouth to achieve the company's brand promotion goals. Notice to users:

The airdrop is completely free, and the official will not charge any airdrop fees or disguise fees such as deposits, but each time the airdrop operation of the Ethereum blockchain network, users need to deduct a small amount of 0.001ETH about $ 0.25 miner fee, which is not betBEB Officially charged, please let users know. Each user can participate in the airdrop once a day, the winning rate is 100%, and the blockchain generates a random number of 1 ~ 100 for you. The bigger the random number you get, the higher the value of ETH is 10 ~ 1200 yuan.

For details, please see the official website