Yunnan Province Creates Yunnan Model for Blockchain Innovation and Development

Yunnan Network reported today that relevant leaders in Yunnan Province pointed out that blockchain technology, as an emerging product in the digital economy era, has an important role in promoting the development of next-generation information technology. There are still many uncertainties in the development and application of blockchain. To achieve the leap from uncertainty to certainty, the most important thing is to rely on experiments and applications. Yunnan is willing to actively embrace blockchain technology with a more open mind, provide application bases, application scenarios, and application resources for various products of blockchain technology; it is willing to deepen in-depth cooperation with the world's top companies and expert teams, focusing on eight major development points Industry, building world-class "three cards", promoting social governance system and modernization of governance capabilities and other key directions, boldly try, be brave in innovation, follow a development path of using applications for industry and market openness for industry, and create a blockchain The technology test field and gathering area create a Yunnan model for the innovative development of the blockchain.