Chen Zhong of Peking University: Bringing into play the role of blockchain technology will promote the modernization of social governance

According to Sina Finance News, on December 17, the 3rd China Internet Finance Forum 2019 with the theme of "Financial Technology to Facilitate the Construction of a Modern Financial System" was held in Beijing today. Chen Zhong, Director of Peking University's Financial Informatization Research Center, attended the event and gave a speech . Chen Zhong believes that the blockchain itself is an information system with its technical connotation. The key is how we map this technical connotation to the recorded facts, programmable, and stimulating in the digital economy. This is a very important social governance. Meaning. In Chen Zhong's view, blockchain is more focused on restructuring production relations among all new technology developments. Therefore, the role of blockchain infrastructure will definitely promote China's fifth modernization, which is the modernization of social governance .