Li Lihui: China's current underlying mechanisms such as the consensus mechanism and smart contracts in the blockchain lack independent ownership

According to the China Financial News Network, on December 17, at the Third China Internet Finance Forum, Li Lihui, the head of the Blockchain Research Working Group of the China Internet Finance Association and the former President of the Bank of China, stated that according to the research of the China Internet Finance Association In terms of underlying technologies such as the blockchain's consensus mechanism and smart contracts, China currently lacks independent property rights. The widespread application of foreign open source programs may lead to technical dependence risks, and must comply with the jurisdiction and legal constraints of the place where the open source platform is registered, which has hidden geopolitical risks. He emphasized that China is a big data country and a big hash power, but it is a weak algorithmic country. Many sources of code and basic underlying algorithm programs rely too much on the United States and other Western countries. Based on this, we should vigorously support technological innovation, strive to grasp the leading power of digital technology, clarify that digital technology and digital industry policies give preferential treatment to digital enterprises in research and development and talents, and encourage the development and application of digital technology. At the same time, "Chinese + foreign capital" and "big, medium + small micro" are encouraged to master independent and controllable intellectual property rights in key areas of digital technology, and to establish global competitive advantages in key areas of digital economy and digital finance.