Li Yan, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau: unite relevant departments to accelerate the application of blockchain technology in the financial field

According to Sina Finance News, on December 17, at the 3rd China Internet Finance Forum in 2019, Li Yan, a member of the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau ’s party group and deputy director, said that Beijing has all along developed inclusive finance to address private and small businesses. It is difficult for micro-enterprise financing to be an important application scenario of fintech. We also implemented the Beijing Changrong Project to build an efficient platform for information exchange and accurate services between financial institutions and enterprises. This year, the comprehensive service platform for small and micro enterprises was just launched in October. It has connected to 91 financial institutions and nearly 1,000 registered enterprises. The cumulative credit amount has reached 500 million yuan and the loan amount is 475 million yuan. The application of block chain technology in the financial field. I just saw that the Institute of Internet Finance has a blockchain research working group. The next step is to further strengthen cooperation and carry out the construction of fintech application scenarios. Benefits and provide reliable financial support.