German Ambassador to China: Germany has released a blockchain development strategy, and data protection must be done to use blockchain

According to Sina Finance News, on December 17, at the 3rd China Internet Finance Forum 2019, German Ambassador to China Clemens von Goetze said that to properly utilize the unique architecture of blockchain technology, proper conditions and more Strong consumer protection and data protection. The German government has gathered the strength of various ministries and commissions to issue a blockchain development strategy. The blockchain technology that is concerned is not only in the area of ​​crypto assets, but also more concerned with its application in other areas, because blockchain technology can be used in many Other areas, such as government management, supply chain management, fintech, etc. He also pointed out that blockchain is a relatively new technology, so we may need to amend our securities law to bring electronic securities into regulation. In the future, paper documents may become less and less important. We need to adapt to this trend in a technology-neutral way. Blockchain-based securities may also be officially issued.