Year-end inventory | You must have paid attention to these "big events" in 2019, but you may not know their end

In a flash, there are only 13 days left in 2019. In this year, those major events that have been hot searched on Weibo, the explosive news that has swiped the screen of friends, those people and things that have made the industry or extremely excited, or extremely sad, how much do you remember, you still Concerned about their final outcome?

For example, USDT is almost "thunderstorm". Today, do you know how much market share it has?

For example, Wang Xin, Zhang Yiming, and Luo Yonghao formed a team to play Ma Huateng. Today, are the toilet MT, flash, and chatbao walking on the road of blockchain + social networking?

For example, with the torch relay of the lightning network that has swept the world, how many people are using it for small payments today?

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