Research: Many central banks are seriously considering researching and issuing central bank digital currencies

According to Xinhua News, on December 18, Xinhua News published an article "Finance and Economics Watch: How Long Will the" Central Bank's Digital Currency "Break the Cocoon". The Brookings Institution of the United States recently released a research report that many countries have made substantial progress in the development of "central bank digital currencies" or intend to issue "central bank digital currencies", including France, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, and the Bahamas. , Barbados, Uruguay, etc. In addition, the Bank for International Settlements last month appointed Bernoué Cray, who will step down as a member of the ECB's Executive Committee, as the head of the Bank's Innovation Center to chair the institution's digital currency research and development. In addition, a survey conducted by the United States IBM Corporation and the British think tank "Official Currency and Financial Institutions Forum" on 23 central banks around the world shows that many central banks are seriously considering researching and issuing "central bank digital currencies" and consumer-friendly "central bank digital currencies" Or will appear in the next five years.