Huang Qifan: Misuse of blockchain may cause great waste of social resources and great loss of efficiency

According to Sina Finance, on the evening of December 13, Huang Qifan, Vice Chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center and a CEIBS EMBA 1998 alumni, attended the New Year's Forum of the China Europe International Business School Beijing Campus. 》 Speaking on the topic. Huang Qifan believes that under the transformation of the blockchain technology, the basic functions and applications of the digital platform will be greatly expanded, because the blockchain is essentially a decentralized distributed storage database, which is open, tamper-resistant, The five characteristics of anonymity, decentralization, and traceability can be applied in three types of scenarios: one is a public chain, the second is a private chain, and the third is an alliance chain. The arrival of 5G will promote the large-scale development of the Internet of Things, and at the same time make the blockchain truly enter the stage of history. Blockchain has a wide range of application scenarios, such as finance, insurance, national statistics, data property rights, and other fields related to authentication, bookkeeping, and traceability. Blockchain can be applied, but it does not necessarily penetrate everything The application scenario has its regionality and boundary. The most important thing is to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of the blockchain. Abuse of the blockchain is likely to cause a great waste of social resources and a great loss of efficiency.