ChainNode Live Room Yong Yongquan: I can learn from ICO's development history to decide whether to invest in IEO

At three o'clock this afternoon, Lite Capital founder Li Qiwei, Blockstream's chief strategy officer Yu Yongquan, Monroe core development member Riccardo and cryptocurrency analyst Whale Panda co-hosted the ChainNode live room. When talking about IEO, Li Qiwei said that even the IPO will cut the leek, and IEO is no exception. Zhai Yongquan believes that ICO can be used to decide whether to invest in IEO. Due to the global distribution of IEO projects, it is difficult to track the regulatory aspects. Riccardo said that ordinary investors may be the pick-up man. Whale Panda believes that IEO is unhealthy and FOMO, and the outcome is likely to be very bad. IEO's supervision is difficult to keep up with, refer to ICO. More exciting in the ChainNode live room, please pay attention to a live broadcast (ID: 126922114) or click on the live link: