Chief Researcher of the Central Bank Institute of Finance: Token is a scientific, fair, equal and effective distribution system

On the afternoon of December 18th, at the 3rd Tsinghua University Internet Industry Summit Forum, Zou Pingzu, chief researcher of the People's Bank of China's Institute of Finance and deputy dean of the School of Science and Finance of the Open University of China, said in a speech on "Value Science and Digital Currency" The relationship between human value, tokens and currency reveals a new economic era. Money has a human value scale function. In the case of blockchain + human value to generate digital currency, currency and value scale are integrated. The cause of inflation and deflation is the divergence between the amount of money in the market and the value in the market. Therefore, when currency and value are integrated, there will be no problems of inflation and deflation. A token is a blockchain certificate that shareholders, employees, and customers participate in the distribution of revenue in an economy, which is the value of people in the economy. A token is a value certificate of a person, which is equivalent to the value of a blockchain + a person. Therefore, from the perspective of income, currency, token, and human value are integrated. Token is a scientific, fair, equal and effective distribution system.