Tencent original works blockchain copyright deposit certificate released

Source: Tencent ISUX

The "copyright certificate" function jointly created by the original museum and the Tencent blockchain has been launched, and copyright protection for your original works is made through blockchain technology. You only need to log in to the official website of the original museum, ycg.qq.com, and you can see the entry of "copyright certificate" at the top.

Advantages of original library copyright deposit

In daily life, we usually encounter some commercial works that require us to register copyright. Such as photography, illustrations, design manuscripts, LOGO design drawings and so on. But in the past, we will face the following difficulties:

1. Cumbersome procedures: Apply to the Copyright Office-submit relevant materials-pass acceptance-pay offline-issue work registration certificate

2. Expensive: usually costs 300 yuan and above

3. Issuing a certificate is slow: it takes 60-180 days to obtain a certificate

The original library block chain copyright deposit function can solve these problems for you!

1. One-click deposit certificate, select the corresponding work in the original museum, and one-click deposit certificate on the platform

2. Cheap price, only 2.99 yuan per image, uniform price.

3. Immediately effective, you can check the certificate of deposit and certificate number after payment, which has legal effects immediately.

Select original library copyright deposit certificate

Our credibility

The Tencent blockchain team cooperates with credibility agencies such as China Internet Security and Notary Office to reach the court. Many parties have witnessed the ownership of copyright, which is more credible and authoritative, improving the efficiency and success rate of rights protection.

Our reliability

Apply blockchain and abstract algorithms to effectively solidify the original work's attribution information to ensure that the information is complete and verifiable. Introduce the credible time of the National Time Service Center to accurately record the moment of birth of the work.

Our expertise

Adopt 100% self-developed Tencent blockchain technology, with excellent performance, security and stability. In the 2018 National Trusted Blockchain Inspection of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the function and performance are among the best in the country.

How to do it

A few simple steps to complete the copyright deposit certificate online

Step1: Login to the original gallery

First we log in to ycg.qq.com and find the copyright deposit certificate ⼊ ⼝

If it is a new work, click the [Upload Original] button to start publishing the work and edit your work

When you click Next, you will find that in the bottom right of the page, the pictures in the work have been systematically extracted. We can check the pictures that we need to make a copyright certificate, select and click Publish at the top right of the page.

Step2: ⽀ Paid

Click Post to enter the payment process. The cost of deposit for each picture is RMB 2.99.

Step3: Submit review

After payment, our platform will review whether the work has passed, and the certificate of the picture will take effect after the review. If the audit fails, the payment will be refunded. After submitting for review, you can find the work for which you have applied for a certificate in your personal copyright certificate.

Step4: Deposit completed

Open the work and find the certificate of registration ⽚, you can see the certificate of registration 了 in the lower right corner of the picture. Scan the code with the machine to see the certificate link of the work. You can send pictures or links to others to prove the originality of the work.

Technological improvement is the tenet of every Tencent. In the era of "Blockchain +" proposed by the country, the original museum makes the copyright registration service more convenient, more convenient and faster through blockchain technology. Today, we pay more and more attention to the copyright of works. We provide copyright protection for everyone who loves design and creation. In the future, the original museum will continue to explore the copyright protection in depth and comprehensive services in conjunction with the Tencent blockchain, so that all aspects of your work's copyright will not be infringed.