Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court applied "blockchain" technology for the first time to preserve property

According to the Legal System Network report, at the opening ceremony of the "Smart Security Service Platform" held at the Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court this afternoon, Huang Hao, deputy president of the Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court, demonstrated the functions of the smart security service platform. . In the future, as long as the parties log in to the Shanghai Mobile Micro-Court, they can apply online for insurance companies to provide guarantees for security actions, thereby greatly improving the convenience of security guarantee procedures.

It is reported that this platform is the first in-depth application of blockchain technology in the national court's property preservation business. The contractor can retrieve relevant data by entering the guarantee information through the system and link it to the electronic file of the case. At the same time, the acceptance information of the guarantee is immediately feedback Insurance companies, implementing distributed storage, can effectively eliminate false guarantees and malicious tampering with guarantees, and ensure that guarantees are legal and effective.