Wuzhen Lands The First "Blockchain" Theme Pavilion In China

A few days ago, Babbitt joined the Wuzhen government and CLP Haikang (Wuzhen Street Co., Ltd.) to officially land the nation's first permanent "blockchain" theme exhibition hall-"Blockchain Light Wuzhen". Visitors can see the ten-year course of ups and downs of blockchain technology and understand the application cases of blockchain technology.

With the help of Wuzhen's colorful conferences and events, the "Blockchain Light · Wuzhen" theme pavilion will be an "important landscape" for governments at all levels at home and abroad, managers of Fortune 500 companies, and Chinese and foreign media. A conservative estimate is that the exhibition hall is expected to have a passenger flow of at least 30,000 passengers / year.

Currently 7 pavilions (projects) will be opened in the pavilion. Babbitt invites high-quality industrial blockchain projects to apply to settle in, becoming a representative member of China's industrial blockchain. For details, click on the link https://www.8btc.com/article/535134