Yang Feng, Director of Chongqing Yuzhong District Economic and Information Commission: Advancing the development of blockchain technology needs to be fully prepared in five aspects

On December 18, Huayi Kangdao held a technical seminar on the blockchain medical industry. Yang Feng, director of Chongqing Yuzhong District Economic and Informatization Commission, said at the meeting that advancing the development of blockchain technology requires full preparation in five aspects: First, to track and analyze the latest scientific and technological trends and accurately grasp the development of the blockchain technology industry And further clarify the path for the development and application of blockchain innovation; the second is to strengthen the research and development of core blockchain technology and continue to improve innovation capabilities; the third is to accelerate the pace of application landing, promote the integration of blockchain and the real economy, and Product, data sharing and other key areas, support key enterprises to create a batch of replicable and popular local application benchmarking cases; the fourth is to establish a sound standard system and build a sound industrial ecology; the fifth is to strengthen security and guide industry health Development, providing a good reference and path for the innovative development of the blockchain and various industries.