Changsha Economic Development Zone launches the nation's first blockchain technology smart party building platform

On December 18, the launch of the "Hexin Cloud Chain · Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone-Smart Party Building" platform was held in the Changsha Economic Development Zone. The platform is aimed at the difficult and painful issues faced by the party building work of the enterprise. It closely links the party building work of the company with corporate behavior, credit system, policy services, etc. and promotes active interaction, which will greatly improve the wisdom, systematization and participation of all parties. This is highly consistent with the actual needs and strategic positioning of the development zone. At the same time, the platform will provide practical solutions for party building work in national development zones, will give full play to the leading role of party building, stimulate the vitality of industrial development, and form an economic development pilot and Changsha experience that organically integrates party building work with high-quality development. .