ChainNode live room Li Qiwei: The feasibility of PoS takes time to prove

At three o'clock this afternoon, Lite Capital founder Li Qiwei, Blockstream's chief strategy officer Yu Yongquan, Monroe core development member Riccardo and cryptocurrency analyst Whale Panda co-hosted the ChainNode live room. When talking about the recent hot Staking economy and PoS, Li Qiwei said that PoS did not prove its feasibility and did not understand why we should go backwards. It still takes time to see what can happen in the future. Zhai Yongquan believes that PoS is too complicated and unsafe to figure out whether it will work. Riccardo said that from a research perspective, I am interested in all consensus mechanisms, but at least 10 years let me change my mind about other mechanisms. Whale Panda believes that POW is the only mechanism that can work. More exciting in the ChainNode live room, please pay attention to a live broadcast (ID: 126922114) or click on the live link: