Heavy! Wuzhen Lands The First "Blockchain" Theme Pavilion In China

If you have only three days of light, where will you go? American blind writer Helen Keller wrote in "If I Give Three Days of Light": Go to the museum in one day.

Museums are often a space: small, with some panels, text, and utensils, but they condensed some of the most memorable civilizations in the thousand years.

In 2009, the blockchain and bitcoin were born together.Although the blockchain is only ten years old, the cryptography, distributed consistency protocols, and peer-to-peer network communication technologies behind them have condensed the collective wisdom of human beings for thousands of years. .

Today, is there a dedicated museum documenting this disruptive technology that is changing our lives?

In 2019, Babbitt worked with the Wuzhen government and CLP Haikang (Wuzhen Street Co., Ltd.) to build an exhibition hall in Wuzhen called "Blockchain Light · Wuzhen". It is not a "museum", but it It is definitely the only permanent theme pavilion in the country dedicated to introducing blockchain.

According to the plan, Babbitt and its partners will make the "Blockchain Light Wuzhen" into the nation's first "blockchain application" display window to convey the landmark of blockchain culture.

Rendering Figure 1

▲ "Blockchain Light · Wuzhen" Theme Pavilion Design

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▲ "Blockchain Light · Wuzhen" Theme Pavilion Location Map

At the "Blockchain Light · Wuzhen" theme pavilion, visitors can see the ten-year course of ups and downs of blockchain technology. Most importantly, here will focus on the application cases of blockchain technology in the fields of finance, energy, certificate deposit, 5G, bills, big data, Internet of things, government affairs, logistics, public welfare and other fields.

Because it is located in the core area of ​​Wuzhen World Internet Conference and World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen, it will become one of the iconic exhibition halls of Wuzhen, an Internet town together with Huawei 5G + Innovation Center and Baidu Brain Experience Center.

Every year, with the help of Wuzhen's colorful conferences and events, the "Blockchain Light · Wuzhen" theme pavilion will be an "important landscape" in Wuzhen where governments at all levels at home and abroad, managers of Fortune 500 companies and Chinese and foreign media have to go . A conservative estimate is that the exhibition hall is expected to have a passenger flow of at least 30,000 passengers / year.

These include:

1. Three top global summits each year: World Internet Conference, Global Industrial Internet Conference, World Blockchain Conference (Estimated visitor flow: 20,000 person-times / year);

2. Visits by governments at all levels: The Wuzhen government accepts letters and visits from governments and scholars across the country (estimated frequency: 3 times a week);

3. Market Business Study Group: Zhejiang University Business School and other market training and visiting activities (estimated frequency: once a month).