Interview with Ms. Bitcoin in Japan's Cryptocurrency Circle: Crazy learning, continuous pursuit, and efforts to build a trusting society | 8 questions

She is the big V in the Japanese cryptocurrency circle and is called Miss Bitcoin. Joined in 2010, met Roger Ver, and made a Bitcoin donation website under the advice of Roger Ver. From 2010 to 2019, she followed the storm of the blockchain industry, such as the Mentougou incident and the battle for expansion. As a senior industry "old man", his life has been blockchainized, but she is still learning and chasing madly, afraid that she will be abandoned by the industry. A "Miss Bitcoin" full of positive energy! WechatIMG16 (From left to right: Miss Bitcoin, Babbitt International Station, Jia Xiaobei) 201911290837494716-2 201911290836178644-2