How should ordinary users protect their digital assets?

In the live broadcast on the theme of digital asset security, on the topic of how ordinary users can effectively protect their digital assets, the guest One Piece gave the following suggestions:

1. If the goal is to maximize benefits, then users are advised to store assets in large, compliant exchanges, or wealth management wallets; 2. If they are for long-term investment, then users are recommended to choose hardware wallets and Centralized wallets, such as imKey, imToken, and Ledger.

Among them, regarding the security of the exchange, One Piece said that it is mainly whether the exchange has the ability to pay. If the exchange is strong, then even if the coin is lost, the exchange can afford to lose it, but the user feels more secure. Of course, there are indeed many news about the theft and failure of exchanges in the market. If you do n’t have your private key in your hands, there must be risks. If you have a lot of assets, it is better to put eggs in multiple baskets.

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