Chairman of ChinaSoft Capital: Whether negative interest rates will affect the credit or calculable trading system of future digital currencies is worth further exploration

On December 18, Chairman of ChinaSoft Capital and Dean of Huaxia New Supply Economics Institute published a review article in China Business News. The article said that negative interest rates brought new uncertainties to the development of the currency form in the next stage, and may provide some inspiration for another way. With the development of information technology and the Internet, there has been a fundamental change in currency and its value transfer method. Electronic currencies represented by credit cards, online banking and mobile payments, as well as digital currencies, blockchain and crypto assets, are developing rapidly. . In particular, Facebook is preparing to launch Libra (Libra) as its representative. Its goal is to develop into an encrypted digital currency that "does not seek stability against the exchange rate of the US dollar but pursues actual purchasing power stability." This is important for future digital currencies and its evolution And interest rate prices have aroused global attention. At the same time, the central bank's sovereign digital currency, DCEP, has made substantial progress, and the European Central Bank has also begun to consider various options for issuing public digital currencies. Digitalization has accelerated global capital flows to a considerable extent, which can partially explain the reasons for the downward interest rates, but whether negative interest rates will affect the future digital currency's credit or calculable trading system is more worthy of further exploration.