Xiao Yan: Blockchain rectification has begun, and local small and medium currency-related exchanges will be the focus

Xiao Yan, a director of the Bank of China Law Research Association, said in an interview: "As far as we know, the regulatory authorities have never stopped training to learn about the principles and applications of blockchain-related technologies. Blockchain technology seminars and currency circle seminars From time to time, there are also researchers from regulatory agencies who have come to share. In judicial practice, we have also dealt with too many consultations related to currency-related criminal cases, exchange-related criminal cases, etc. It can be seen that the blockchain technology regular army The 'out of the mountain' and 'pirate bandit' actions have gone ahead. Combining the first case of bitcoin fraud in Guangdong Province, which I handled in 2014, the main crimes of the currency chain chain are criminal crimes: fraud, fundraising fraud, and illegal business Crimes of intruding into someone else's computer information system, etc. Local, medium and small currency-related exchanges with poor compliance may become the 'first choice' target. "