More than the original chain officially released bytomd 1.0.9, including the first UTXO-based asset standard BAP-2

On April 22nd, bytomd 1.0.9 was officially released than the original chain, of which "BAP-2 than the original assets agreement" is the most important content of this edition. BAP has three advantages: parallelism, multi-asset and security. BAP-2 clearly displays asset-related information through the structure of Key-Value, which helps developers to use and assets in browser and mobile application development. Related content. Developed based on the BAP-2 standard, it facilitates the docking of assets by multiple eco-partners, and greatly enhances the freedom of asset circulation. BAP-2 is a proposal for BMIP002. BMIP is a proposal for improvement over the original chain. It aims to standardize development standards for the original chain platform, including but not limited to core protocols, client apis, virtual machine specifications, and contract standards. Bytomd1.0.9 experience address:; BMIP002 document address: .mediawiki;