Shenzhen Financial Bureau responds to interviews with "currency-issuing" companies: the interviews do not necessarily indicate a problem, and the situation is still under verification

According to the news from the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, on the morning of December 18, Shenzhen Mutual Gold Rectification Office held a special rectification meeting on virtual currency illegal activities. At the meeting, relevant departments jointly interviewed 8 "currency-related" companies. According to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News reported on November 22, as of that time, the Shenzhen Financial Bureau had passed the Tencent Lingmao system to remove 39 illegal activity involving "currency". Relevant staff of the Shenzhen Financial Bureau responded by saying: "We conducted online troubleshooting in the early stage, and then conducted offline investigation through some other methods, but the company that has not been interviewed does not mean that it is OK. It does not mean that it must be problematic, and this situation is still being verified. "