Comment: Why did Satoshi Nakamoto give up being the richest man in the world?

Author: Hang Zhou child, block chain Yanxishe Contributing Writer, Cong era incubator CEO, Central Plains Ecological Union Block Chaining (CBEA) co-founder.

This article is one of a series of articles about the underlying characteristics of the blockchain by the author. This is the second article on "Productivity and Production Relations ".

Participated in a dinner in 17 years, half of the drink, the organizers let me share with you what is Bitcoin.

After speaking, a big guy asked: The person who invented Bitcoin is called Satoshi Nakamoto, right? How much bitcoin does he have?

I said: At first, the Bitcoin system could only run on his own computer, so he held the reward of the previous block, and some people predicted that he would have about 1 million.

The big brother also said: This is too little, with a total of 21 million. The grandson, as the founder and chairman, should hold at least 67%, occupy absolute control, and have to be 51% if he is in trouble. He should also be divided …

I don't think the big brother has the intention to stop. Hurry up and pull the big brother and say, drinking and drinking, who knows, Satoshi Nakamoto is stupid.

I thought to myself: Damn, I just talked for nothing again.

Yes, a bitcoin has a maximum value of more than 100,000 yuan. If you consider bitcoin as a company, then this company has a market value of more than two trillion yuan and ranks well in the top ten in the world. The proper richest man in the world, both Bezos and Bill Gates must be called fathers.

I'm a bit square

But if Satoshi Nakamoto operates bitcoin as a company, most of the benefits are in his own hands. Will there be followers who devote their lives to mining bitcoin? Will there be Bitcoin today and blockchain technology today? Now, blockchain technology is regarded as the main hope for economic recovery by all countries.

After thinking about it, if a 15th-century slave owner was also at the dinner table, he would definitely work with that big brother: what 67, 51, then 21 million must be Lao Tzu! I bought hundreds of slaves and let them mine day and night. Every penny they create is made by Lao Tzu. It is good to reward them for stuttering.

This is true. Hundreds of years ago, land was the main means of production and the mother of wealth, and land was in the hands of a few landlords. So people do n’t even talk about sharing money, not even the most basic human rights.

Beginning in the 15th century, African slaves were treated as commodities and sold in batches. In order to sell a good product, it is also delicious and delicious before it is sold. Once sold, there is no day and night labor.

Before dawn, we have to work in the fields. After finishing the work in the fields, we have to cultivate the land, cut down trees, and plow the fields. The work is extremely intensive. In addition, female slaves have another inhuman job-satisfying the desires of male masters. If a female slave dared to refuse the male host's excessive demands slightly, she might be killed on the spot.

Because of this inhuman rule, almost all slave owners vented female slaves. The founding father of the United States, George Washington, was also associated with female slaves and even had a child. The third president of the United States, Jefferson, also raised a child with a female slave named Sally Hemings. Now Europeans are too shameful when they talk about this matter.

Until September 1861, Lincoln promulgated the Declaration on the Liberation of Black Slaves, abolishing black slavery, and stipulating that black slaves who rebelled in the states were free.

In the 15th to 19th centuries, the slave trade led to a direct reduction of 100 million people in Africa. Four-fifths of them died during the arrest process. About 12 to 40 million black Africans were trafficked by European powers around the world and transported. On the way, half more people died.

But Lincoln issued this declaration for a reason. At the time of the American Civil War, Lincoln was the leader of the northern forces. Although he was holding "liberating slaves" all day, it did not mean that he sympathized with slaves, mainly to destroy the plantation economy in the south, and to prevent Britain from taking the opportunity to send troops to help the south. After all, Britain was the first to call for the abolition of slavery.

Because it wasn't about the liberation of slaves in the heart, after the war, the North decisively abandoned the former black comrades-in-arms, and immediately abandoned the former suspect and called the brother and brother.

Black friends were liberated nominally, but fell into the trap of the landlords and capitalists. Black people in the countryside have no land and have to rent the land of the landowners. They still have nothing to do throughout the year and many people still owe debts. Black people in the city can only perform the heaviest manual labor because they have no professional skills, but their pay is one-third that of white workers. In short, the lives of black people who have been freed have actually worsened.

So it was not Lincoln who liberated the slaves, who was it?

Productivity and production relations.

"The two" not only liberated slaves, but also liberated most of humanity.

Today we have time to eat chicken code words without fear of starvation, and we eat very well, largely thanks to the improvement of human production capacity.

Still make you eat too full

There is a book called Kojima Economics, and the stories in it are easy to understand:

Suppose humans all live on an island. At first, they can only fish with bare hands. A better one will use a fork. Every day, they can catch a fish. After eating, they have to catch a fish the next day, otherwise You have to go hungry.

Later, a lazy person thought that if I could catch a lot of fish in a day, wouldn't I have more time to sleep, more brushes, and more vibrato? He didn't know which brain cell was activated. It took him a few days to make a net with a hungry stomach. Others watched him tinker with an unseen gadget every day and didn't catch fish.

Later, the net was made. It can catch hundreds of fish in one net. This is all right. You don't have to get up early every day to fill your stomach. In addition to sleeping, you can stand on the beach and think about life:

Be a happy man from tomorrow on,

Read books, Taobao, travel the world

Starting tomorrow, no longer care about food and vegetables

I have a net, facing the sea, I ca n’t finish eating …

Therefore, thanks to the fact that we humans can use tools and transform them, production capacity has been greatly increased, and we can fill our stomachs without having to work day and night, and we have surplus property.

It is precisely because of the surplus property that a wealth gap has emerged between people, their selfish desires have prevailed, and plunder and war have begun between humans.

In the process, class gaps gradually appeared, such as farmers and slaves, landowners and long workers, kings and civilians, bosses and workers, shareholders and employees, elites and ordinary people.

The pyramid system of capitalism is divided into: the ruling class, the clergy class (ideological management), the military class (violent institutions), the business class, and the working and peasant classes.

The standard of living between them is vastly different, which means that simply increasing productivity cannot make more people have wealth.

Since the birth of human beings, productivity has been rampant upwards. Now we have been abused by playing Go. Satellites have also broken through the gravitational force and reached Mars. Machines have hit us with various capabilities, from steam engines to the Internet to artificial intelligence robots, tools. The production efficiency is tens of billions of times higher than that of human beings. But now how can I struggle for a house now?

How did you have your own thatched cottage in the past? Now that so much wealth has been created, how can most people not even own the most basic shelter from the wind and rain? What went wrong?


That is, the gap between the rich and the poor caused by the production relationship has caused the current result-it is useless to create wealth alone, and it is counted in the hands of everyone.

At this time, many people are aware of this problem. Because as mentioned earlier, productivity has increased. Instead of working every day, they start thinking about life when they are idle, and a series of products such as culture, politics, history, military, and morals have appeared, collectively called civilization.

They broke the line that only churches and rulers could spread knowledge, wrote books, and advocated ideas such as scientific democracy and freedom.

The wisdom of the people is gradually enlightened, and the working people at the lower levels saw what they wrote and realized that their lives were really terrible compared with the lives of the landlords and bosses. The chicken drumsticks in their hands suddenly became fragrant, and they decided to go on strike and fight for more rights.

The Chen Sheng Wu Guang uprising and other peasant uprisings in Chinese history are just strikes. The foreman does n’t pay any money. If he delays the construction period, he still kills people. Anyway, he is dead, and he is simply rebellious.

The landlords and bosses were outnumbered and agreed to appropriately increase the treatment of workers and peasants. The lives of the people at the lower levels were basically guaranteed, and their enthusiasm for work was also high. Coupled with industrialized process management and the use of machines, you can accomplish your goals by only working during the day. In addition to filling your stomach, you can also own some personal belongings. At this time, people gradually have human and real rights.

This process goes back and forth. Until now, individuals can obtain equity because of capital investment, and can even obtain options because of outstanding performance.

In the hierarchical relationship between people, from the level of highly unequal landlords and slaves, it has gradually become a more equal level of shareholders and employees. Humans have traveled this road for thousands of years.

However, there are still very few people who can own equity and options. Only big capital, elite entrepreneurs, and those who have mastered the core resources of society can enjoy the dividends brought by the development of assets such as companies. Ordinary people can only sell labor and consumption.

The gap between rich and poor is not smaller, but larger.

Everyone may not realize that it has been more than 400 years since the production relationship of the equity system was first established by the Dutch East India Company in 1602.

Now, it is increasingly difficult for the shareholding system to play its original role. Most of the company's equity is a piece of waste paper, without dividends, and it is difficult to go public.

And the society has developed so far, and earth-shaking changes have taken place: data has replaced land as a more important means of production, and the creation of a large amount of wealth is based on the data generated by everyone on a daily basis.

Now the world's top giants all rely on user-generated data, and this is exactly the oil well where they are constantly acquiring wealth. But ordinary people not only get no feedback, but are always the object of exploitation and slaughter: a person who often travels by air will not only enjoy low-price concessions, but will be calculated by the AI ​​of a large company. Others are high and he can accept higher prices, so charge him more expensive fees.

Such ridiculous things happen every moment.

The law stipulates that an unlisted company has a maximum of 200 shareholders, but a large company can have more than tens of thousands of employees. It uses and consumes the company's products, and more than hundreds of millions of users provide data to the company? How are these people's rights granted?

Satoshi Nakamoto gave the answer.The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin can re-establish a more granular distribution method with more participation among people, between people and things, and between things: Distribution according to contribution, more work, more work, no rules, transparent rules, can not be tampered with.

is this real? Is there such a good thing in the world?

We've seen too many ugly politicians who serve the people but make personal gains for themselves, and we've seen too many businessmen who have concealed their conscience.

Yes, people are selfish, this world is weak and strong, and there are empathy genes rooted in human DNA. It allows us to feel the same kind of emotions. This is how we humans can help each other and survive to the present One of the guarantees.

At the highest price, 1 million bitcoins are worth 20 billion U.S. dollars. From the birth of bitcoin in 2009 to today, the bitcoin of Nakamoto's wallet address has not changed.

Whenever I think of it, thinking of the war against the ugly side of human nature, I feel that life is worth it, keep it steady, and we can win.


Author's Note: The Four Knights of Apocalypse, also known as the Four Knights of Doom, are from the 6th chapter of the "New Revelation" of the Bible . Dark horse knights-famine, gray horse knights-death, this is a description of the twists and turns of the human world from the perspective of natural disasters and man-made disasters. The author will rewrite the Four Knights of Apocalypse from the perspective of how human beings develop step by step, and then create wealth and happiness. The above is the second article : The Productivity and Productive Relations of the Four Knights of New Apocalypse.


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