Babbitt enters cross-border finance, joins banks to launch China's first blockchain re-export trade product

On December 17, the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch held a "cross-border e-chain" product launch in Shanghai, which is the first domestic re-export trade blockchain product.

Untitled-1 Chen Tao of Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch introduces "cross-border e-chain" products

As the first blockchain product in this field, the “cross-border e-chain” is provided by FunChain with an autonomous and controllable alliance chain bottom layer and innovative integration with the underlying solution of the Babbitt blockchain. Much research and concentrated research and independent research and development.

Compared with traditional products, this product has the advantages of a good platform, excellent concepts, advanced functions, strong technical and business independence, strong scalability, and strong reproducibility. It can effectively solve problems that are not easily solved by traditional methods, and collaborate to verify the truth To achieve a win-win situation for traders, banks and freight forwarders. On behalf of Babbitt, Wang Lei, CEO of Babbitt, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch to reach a strategic cooperation.

Picture thousand miles Babbitt CEO Wang Lei (first from left in front row) participates in "cross-border e-chain" blockchain technology cooperation contract

The conference was not only a strategic upgrade of the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch, but also Babbitt's first attempt in the cross-border financial sector. In the future, Babbitt will continue to accelerate blockchain technology innovation, continuously enrich blockchain application scenarios, and provide more blockchain solutions for financial scenarios such as cross-border re-export trades.