Ganzhou Economic Development Zone vigorously develops the blockchain industry

According to the Jiangxi Daily, recently, the relevant person in charge of the sandbox park of the blockchain financial industry in Ganzhou Economic Development Zone said that the sandbox park now has 42 registered companies and 62 contracted companies, and has initially formed the core technology of the blockchain. The development and innovation model of blockchain application scenarios + such as finance, internet of things, asset management, etc. At present, the main development areas are financial services, digital assets and other platforms, as well as smart communities, supply chain traceability and other fields. At present, the district is working hard to build a "Blockchain + Rare Metal Exchange", and has established a demonstration platform in the South China Rare Earth Building. At the same time, the second phase of the project is also under construction. In the next step, the Ganzhou Economic Development Zone will make reasonable use of the advantages of the blockchain, implement them one by one, and mine them one by one. Based on the existing foundation, seize the opportunities and use innovative technology and a new attitude to bring Ganzhou's blockchain industry Development and growth, accelerate the development of blockchain ecological industry.