Facebook is already using Libra, and other founding companies have not paid membership fees

On December 19th, Tencent Technology quoted foreign media reports that Libra is quietly advancing, among which Facebook has begun to use Libra. In addition, Libra's official operating agency is the Libra Coin Association. At present, the Libra Coin Association is still funded by Facebook. A source revealed that the founding members of the Libra Coin Association, which consists of 21 companies including Uber, Spotify, and Coinbase, have not remitted a minimum membership fee of $ 10 million to the organization. Facebook employees are already using Libra. Facebook previously set up the Calibra department to develop Libra digital wallets and other services. In this team, if an employee arrives late for a meeting, the person will be fined with Libra coins, but these Libra coins records exist in a "test network "There is no legal currency reserve fund, so they are basically a small-scale monopoly currency. "I'm often late, so I've been fined money," Kevin Weil, vice president of products for the Clibra division, told the media.