Ant Financial announces three strategies for speeding up: new CEO Hu Xiaoming bases on domestic demand, and chairman Jing Xiandong looks at globalization

According to DoNews, Ant Financial announced on December 19 that it will comprehensively accelerate the three major strategies of globalization, domestic demand and technology. With immediate effect, Hu Xiaoming, the president of Ant Financial Services, took over as CEO of Ant Financial Services, reporting to Jingxian Dong, who will continue to serve as chairman of Ant Financial Group. Ant Financial Group Chairman Jingxian Dong said in a letter to all members that this year marks the 20th anniversary of Alibaba and the 15th anniversary of Alipay. From the introduction of a secured transaction mechanism 15 years ago to solve the problem of distrust between buyers and sellers on, new technologies including blockchain technology have been used to solve the problem of trust. For 15 years, we have been dying of the human society problem of "trust". We believe that using digital technology to solve this problem can greatly reduce the cost of trust in the business field and help "let the world have no difficult business". Things are getting closer to reality.