BEB builds decentralized corporate governance, and recently launched airdrop activities

The betBEB Dapp ecosystem under the Biebao Group uses the Ethereum blockchain smart contract board and is committed to creating Decentralized corporate governance. It is reported that important decisions such as company operations and development will be drafted. Global BET shareholders will participate in the voting on the board of directors through decentralized corporate governance smart contracts. 0.01BET = 1 vote, a total of 10,000 votes, smart contract supervision, anyone The voting results cannot be manipulated.

In addition, the company has recently launched airdrop activities. Users should know that airdrops are completely free, and the government will not charge any airdrop fees or disguised fees such as deposits. However, users must deduct a small amount of 0.001ETH for each airdrop operation on the Ethereum blockchain network The miner fee is about USD 0.25, which is not officially charged by betBEB, please let users know. Each user can participate in the airdrop once a day, the winning rate is 100%, and the blockchain generates a random number of 1 ~ 100 for you. The bigger the random number you get, the higher the value of ETH is 10 ~ 1200 yuan. For details, please see the official website: