Hang Seng Electronics today releases new blockchain products such as the HSL2.0 platform

Babbitt reported on the spot that on the afternoon of December 19, Hang Seng Electronics held the "i BLOCK CHAIN" blockchain new product launch conference. The conference released new blockchain products such as the HSL2.0 platform, Fantai Chain (FTCU), trade finance platform blockchain applications, and supply chain finance blockchain service platforms. It is understood that the HSL2.0 platform, which uses high-performance, high stability, and high security blockchain commercial platform technology, can meet the needs of the financial field. In terms of data indicators, the TPS reaches more than 10,000, and the delay is within 1 second. It can support more than 10PB of data and more than 1,000 nodes. FinTechChain Union (FTCU) is a BaaS platform for blockchain applications in the financial sector, which facilitates financial institutions to quickly implement business applications based on the alliance's blockchain, making blockchain development, application, and operation easier. Fan Tailian has achieved landing in three scenarios: electronic contract, electronic post office and equity alliance. The other two products are the blockchain application of the trade finance platform and the blockchain service platform of the supply chain finance, which have already landed in the letters of credit and forfaiting, as well as agricultural and medical scenarios.