First in the country! The first legal proceedings in the field of e-commerce in which the entire process of on-chain depository certification was pronounced online

According to the WeChat public account @Hangzhou Internet Court, on December 19th, the first national case of judicial blockchain smart contract technology applied to civil litigation trials, and the first case of online transaction in the e-commerce field where the entire process of on-chain depository certification was online Sentence. It is reported that the Hangzhou Internet Court launched a blockchain smart contract judicial application system on October 24, and opened a new model of credit ecosystem-level litigation source governance. In this case, the automatic information system used by the platform was connected to the judicial block chain of the Hangzhou Internet Court. All parties involved in the online ordering, signing of the contract, delivery of the target, overdue payment of rent, and sending notifications were automatically performed on the judicial block chain Depositing certificates ensures the reliability of electronic data full-link credibility, full node witness, and full process records. The plaintiff submitted the above-mentioned relevant evidence and the hash value of the judicial blockchain certificate as evidence. The court determined that the electronic data could be used as the basis for the factual determination of the case on the premise that the hash value was verified to be consistent and could be mutually verified with other evidence. .