Annual report: Ethereum Dapp's daily user base increased by 118% and daily transaction volume increased by 166%

Recently, DappRadar, the Dapp market data and distribution platform, released the 2019 Dapp Industry Report, which mainly mentioned that Ethereum is still the most important smart contract platform. In 2019, the daily user base in the Ethereum Dapp ecosystem increased by 118%, and the daily transaction volume increased by 166%. In addition, the report specifically states that Ethereum is also the only blockchain that has successfully developed various Dapps in four major categories (DeFi, exchanges, blockchain games, quiz and other high-risk categories). The congestion caused by EIDOS Token has seriously affected the performance of Dapp on the EOS blockchain, resulting in a 48% decrease in daily user activity on EOS. The TRON Dapp ecosystem grew strongly in the first half of 2019, but declined after the second half. Overall, its user base has grown by 93%, but it is still concentrated in the quiz and high-risk categories.