State Grid officially announced the top ten blockchain technology application scenarios

According to the China News Network, the State Grid Blockchain Corporation held the first Energy Blockchain Ecology Conference in Beijing on the 19th, released the top ten scenarios for the application of the State Grid blockchain technology, and actively explored the promotion of blockchain technology in the energy and power industry Applications. At the conference, State Grid Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it will comprehensively strengthen the application of blockchain in the field of energy and power. Ten major scenarios, such as sharing, safe production, and fintech, have formed a typical and highly feasible blockchain technology solution. The relevant person in charge revealed that the top ten typical scenarios have achieved good results in adapting to energy changes, optimizing the business environment, improving service levels, improving synergy efficiency, and strengthening security, etc., and achieved the "three types and two networks" world. Comprehensive empowerment of first-class energy Internet companies. The central enterprise e-commerce alliance chain jointly constructed by State Grid E-commerce, China Construction E-commerce, China CITIC Bank, Huaneng E-commerce, and National Energy Group Materials Company was launched simultaneously on the day of the conference.