The data shows that the gap between BTC shorts and longs is shrinking, and market sentiment tends to stalemate.

According to TokenGazer data, as of 17:00 on April 25, the BTC price was $5421.25, down by $63.66 from the previous day. The BTC trading volume was $18,109,906,132, down 5.3% from the previous day, and the return on daily return (ROI) was -1.2%, which was lower than yesterday. 0.2%, 30-day RSI index 57.15, in the normal range. In terms of futures, Bitfinex and BitMEX accounted for 51.56% of total singles, and total shorts accounted for 48.44%. The bulls took a slight advantage, but the gap between shorts and longs continued to shrink, market sentiment became stalemate, and investors need to invest cautiously. .