EOS Dapp has the highest daily active users in April, and the average daily transaction amount has reached its lowest point.

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken big data monitoring, in January 2019, EOS Dapp daily active users 63962, daily average transaction amount 11086158.1EOS; February average daily active users 88411, daily average transaction amount 5972534.82EOS; March EOS Dapp daily active User 105608, daily average transaction amount 4283089EOS; April EOS Dapp daily active user 143865, up 124.92% from January, daily average transaction amount 3814.27.77 EOS, down 65.59% from January. RatingToken analysts believe that the average daily active users of EOS have increased month by month in the past four months, and the average daily transaction amount has decreased month by month. Possible reasons are: 1. EOS price fluctuations continue to rise since this year, EOS group control brush account is active Degrees rise; 2. EOS Dapp ecology continues to improve, all kinds of new Dapp continue to emerge to drive active users to rise; 3. High-frequency sheet metal players to switch to other public chains.