Xiao Wei, General Manager of Baidu Blockchain: There are three major plans for Baidu Blockchain in 2020, which will focus on exploring "trusted computing blockchain"

Regarding "when 2020 is approaching, what plans does Baidu have for the implementation of blockchain technology and scenario applications?" Xiao Wei, general manager of Baidu blockchain, said in an interview that in 2020, there are three major areas of blockchain : First, the basic direction of the alliance chain is the core, and it will do its best. Second, trusted computing plus blockchain is also a very important direction that needs to be invested to solve the problem of data circulation and solve the invisibleness of data availability. Third, we will explore some distributed identity applications, as well as vertical applications such as copyright and supply chain finance. The first two are big technical directions, and the latter are some scene applications. At present, Baidu has released copyright protection business, evidence preservation business, and the world's first blockchain-based + distributed identity, which is also a preliminary layout.